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Tram Store

Tram Store

Tram Store has to be one of the sexiest things to happen to Clapton of late.

It had a pretty soft opening with none of the song and dance that we’ve come to expect from a new London restaurant (especially one as gorgeous as this), quietly starting with a few coffees and slowly branching out into a bit of lunch. Despite the lack of fuss, Claptoner’s have sniffed it out and we’ve rarely seen it empty since. The owner – Terrance – is quite the man about town, he’s local, seems to know everyone and will happily tell you about the biodynamic wines he’s sourcing from France or the independent brands he’s stocking. He also owns the Clapton Country Club round the corner which is open for weddings and roast dinners.

So why are we so in love? Where to start! Maybe it was the reclaimed parquet flooring and distressed brick walls. Or perhaps it was the abundance of indoor plants hanging from every supporting beam they can get their hands on. Maybe it was the perfect latte art heart in our cortado or maybe it’s the perfectly curated selection of products – from screen-printed greetings cards to ecological floor cleaner. Whatever it was, it got us bad.

Tram Store

Breakfast is served until 1pm and as well as the ubiquitous avocado on toast and smoked salmon with eggs, vegan options include pan-fried Portobello mushrooms on toast in a creamy tarragon & cashew sauce. Their rarebit has to be tried to be believed – a decadent mix of London cheese infused with prosecco, mustard and fruit chutney – it will put hairs on your chest. Oh, and the pastries are bigger than my head.

Lunch is all about the toasted sarnies – the roasted aubergine one with courgettes, harissa, tahini and garlic sauce was definitely one of the messiest things we’ve ever tried to consume, but well worth the effort.

So yes, blimmin gorgeous, quietly confident and an absolute treat for the area.


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