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The Three Little Pigs Experience at Tonic & Remedy

Tonic & Remedy have launched a brand new cocktail and food experience called the Three Little Pigs. Featuring an Orchard Pig cider in each cocktail, it comes just as the weather starts to scream summer!

The three cocktails on offer each use a different Orchard Pig cider, carefully mixed with a spirit to complement the flavours. Alongside the cocktails, a small bar snack is served designed to enhance the flavour of the drink. The menu is as follows:


Drink: Beefeater Gin, Orchard Pig Truffler Cider, fennel and celery seeds, lemon juice, sugar
Paired with: Gin-cured salmon, blackberries, shaved pickled fennel

Drink: Evan’s 7 Whiskey, Orchard Pig Reveller Cider, lime juice, maple syrup
Paired with: Pulled pork croquet, Béchamel, Cider and apple purée

Drink: Havana Club 3 years, Orchard Pig Charmer Cider, beetroot, lemon juice, agave
Paired with: Beetroot and 70% Chocolate gluten free brownie, beetroot puree

Tonic & Remedy

The Truffling was very refreshing and we could see ourselves sipping on this on a sunny afternoon, but it was the Revelling that topped our list. Similar to a whisky sour, it was really delicious – as was the amazing pulled pork croquet that accompanied it!

As well as the menu on offer, Tonic & Remedy are also holding cider cocktail-making masterclasses where you can try your hand at making your own Orchard Pig-based cocktails!

These hour-long classes allow you to watch the knowledgeable bar staff create each drink, taste the bar snack pairings, then try your hand at recreating one of the cocktails!

The Three Little Pigs experience costs £21.50 per person, and the Cider Cocktails Masterclass costs £25 per person which includes two cocktails and bar snacks.


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