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There’s A Beer For That at Picturehouse

There’s A Beer For That, the campaign that aims to reignite Britain’s love of beer, and Picturehouse (our fave indy cinema) have teamed up to bring us exciting food, film and beer pairings!

We tried it out and were blown away by the unlikely flavour combo’s we were given, while appreciating styles we’d never have considered purchasing before. Knowledgeable staff take you through the pairings and you leave, slightly more tipsy and  a whole lot more confident next time it’s your round.


David Cunningham, Programme Director, There’s A Beer For That, comments, “The Picturehouse Cinemas partnership is a great opportunity for us to convert the positive attitude change we are seeing towards beer into real behavioural change, by encouraging people to choose a beer with their meal or snack at the cinema. There’s A Beer For That is dedicated to helping people discover the quality, diversity and versatility of beer. We believe offering great beer with great food and a great film in a Picturehouse cinema, is the perfect opportunity for cinema-goers to discover the huge variety of beer styles & flavours available in the UK.”

So next time you go to order that trusty rioja, stop – there may well be a beer for that.

The partnership will run until early next year across all 23 Picturehouse Cinema’s, with over 50 food and beer pairing events taking place! What’s more, Picturehouse Members will be invited to a series of exclusive preview screenings with beer and food tasting events throughout the year. Keep an eye on your inbox for details!


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