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The Ultimate Gourmet Burger at GBK

If Meat Free Week is already feeling far too long then you’ll be pleased to know that this Monday sees the launch of the special collaboration with Peter Gordon (from The Providores & Kopapa fame) at GBK.

Peter has been a big fan and active part in shaping GBK into what we see today and to celebrate he has created the ultimate gourmet burger.


Never one to conform, his Duck Confit Burger features succulent yet crisp confit duck layered with a creamy duck liver pâté. Topped with cheddar cheese, crispy shallots, rocket and a fiery ginger and apricot chilli jam, the burger is served in a buttery brioche bun.


As if you need any more reason to hot foot it down to GBK on Monday, the sides are beautiful in their own right – choose the Summer Homeslaw with mint, pomegranate & sumac if you’re after a lighter option but the Sweet Potato Fries with tamarind dressing and Dukkah are unmissable!


Wash it all down with the special Banana Biscoff Milkshake – I’m not even gonna tell you how much ice-cream goes into it – but you might wanna book an extra session in at the gym.


Peter Gordon said, “The UK burger scene has evolved hugely over the last 14 years. It seems like every day a new burger is making headlines, so when it came to creating my own, I knew it had to be something unique to stand out. Putting my own stamp on the menu has been an exciting process and I’ve put the same care into this as I do with every dish I create for my own restaurants. Our fans are always on the lookout for the next big thing in burgers and I am confident they will agree this one is something a bit special.”


Tim Molema, Head of Food at GBK added: “We always strive to develop novel burger recipes, both on our regular menu as well as with our specials. Peter started that creative approach in 2001 so to have him back in our development kitchen, coming up with ideas and seeing what works has been a blast.”


Peter’s Menu will be available from 30th March and costs £17.95 for the full bundle of burger, side & shake (or glass of wine/beer).



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