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The TickTack Club

Go back in time and experience Edwardian society with your own eyes. Split between ‘Upstairs’ and ‘Downstairs’, guests will be encouraged to discover the secrets of each world in 1921.

Upstairs, enter the Art Deco mezzanine to sample the sophistication of high society. Play cards or a game whilst enjoying fine cocktails and canapes and dinner served from silver platters. Guests will be dressed in their finest – gentlemen wearing evening wear and ladies the latest flapper dress fashions, adorned with pearls and feathers.

While downstairs, guests can enjoy the gritty world of backstreet bookmaking. Join fellow gamblers all looking to score their own small fortune. Enjoy working man’s fare with ales, wines and spirits and sing along around the old joanna. Chaps wearing tweed and a flat cap and girls lace and a bonnet.
The TickTack Club is only open Fridays and Saturdays in November with a special preview evening on Friday 6th November. Book your ticket before 1921 has come and gone!



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