The Slow Meat Co.

If you like your meat, like to know where it has come from and enjoy being part of something special then The Slow Meat Co. will definitely tickle your pickle.

John Lennon once wrote a song in which the words asked us to imagine a world where all the people enjoyed organic meat and were connected to where it was produced. A world where you can enjoy British born, reared and slaughtered beef delivered straight to your door in eco friendly packaging.

Okay, so maybe he didnt. But he probably should of done. Then someone would of covered it on X Factor during ‘Meat Week’.  Oh, I wish that was a thing.
Anyway, I digress. What I am trying to say is that Slow Food is a great movement that everyone should appreciate. It’s not about stews and slow cookers, it’s about stepping outside of the hectic pace of fast, anonymous food and sitting down, appreciating your food and acknowledging how it got onto your plate.




The Slow Meat Co. does this very well. Behind a website that made us think they had been running for years and a brilliant quick delivery service is just one man; Tim Williams. Starting up this small scale outfit from the farm he previously worked he is offering fully traceable, high welfare, superb quality meat from animals that have been cared for. Even the packaging shows thought and makes you smile with a note on how to reuse the Woolcool insulation in inventive ways.

We could’ve dismissed the company for another meat delivery venture if it wasn’t for the endearingly affordable prices and the absolutely amazing quality meat. We haven’t tasted a sirloin so tender in a long time. You’ll be cooking up a steak in your kitchen worthy of a pricey dinner out.


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Some people have a late night snack on crisps or a cheeky Mars bar. I had one of Tim’s steaks at a ridiculously late hour the other night. Never mind the health implications of filling up on steak late at night; it was too irresistible! True story bro.


So if you’re stuck for what to have for xmas dinner, or even for a present….. 🙂  check out



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