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The Seafood Bar London

The Seafood Bar London Soho

The Seafood Bar has arrived in Soho, and with it comes banging er, seafood, without any of the pretence or hefty price tag, so often associated with this kind of cuisine. 

It’s the fifth restaurant from the family-run group and the first outside the Netherlands, taking over the old The Red Fort spot on Dead Street. As the name suggests, the menu is centred around seafood, but with a super laid-back, drop-in vibe. The brand works closely with producers to ensure everything is ethically sourced and sustainable, with all restaurants running on wind energy and an impressive zero-waste policy!

There’s a big focus on fun sharing towers of shellfish, piled high with oysters, lobster, crab and langoustines, as well as more casual mains such as catch of the day.

We started with fresh seabass ceviche and salmon tartare with avocado, before tucking into big comforting bowls of mussels, cooked “French-style” in garlic, cream and wine and served with frites.

We liked that most dishes come with a suggested wine pairing, taking the guesswork out of ordering your vino – in this case, a crisp glass of picpoul did the job.

As dusk falls, we’re told The Seafood Bar basement transforms into a buzzing bar, which sounds like it could be a nice place to grab a cocktail and a round of oysters. And if you like the sound of that, it’s worth looking out for the monthly schedule of events that will include late-night oyster parties.


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