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The Roman Empire of Bunga Bunga

Want to celebrate the end of the gloomiest month of the year? Well lucky for you those crazy kids at Bunga Bunga have just the thing.

Each Thursday guests will be welcomed to a very special night where a new “Emperor” will be awarded power over the party and people and lavished with elaborate and ostentatious privileges.

Guests on the night, will be welcomed to their tables, where they will find a new, limited edition, Bunga Bunga cap, with which they will have to compete to create the best ‘Emperor Selfie’. The most impressive Bunga-capped selfie to then be tweeted to @BungaBungaLondn, or uploaded onto Facebook, with the hashtag #IAMTHEEMPEROR, will be selected by the Senate of Bunga Bunga at 10pm. Following this, the winner will be crowned and gowned during the biggest ever victory procession that has taken place at Bunga Bunga.


As Emperor of Bunga Bunga, the ‘chosen one’ will then be upgraded to an Emperor’s thrown, to sit on for the rest of the evening, (that will of course be delivered to the table by Roman parade), a complimentary ‘The Colosseum’ cocktail sharer (for 8 people, including Grey Goose Poire and a whole bottle of Martini Prosecco), to refresh their fellow party members, and finally, a personal palm servant – to keep them cool and feed them grapes during their reign.


Alas, it will not be all play, no work, for the righteous ruler. They will also be awarded the ultimate ‘thumbs down’ power to judge the evening’s karaoke, and tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that only the best, and most easy-on–the-ear entertainers are allowed to take center stage.


Finally, to commemorate their role and time as leader, each new Emperor’s selfie will then be given pride of place on the ‘Empire Wall of Fame’, where they shall remain a piece of Bunga Bunga history, for all of time.


Yep – sounds bat shit crazy right? See you there!

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