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The Magic Roundabout 

It was one of London’s best kept secrets…until now! Up a hidden flight of stairs in Old Street station you’ll find a land of festooned pagodas, cosy drinking holes and the only TFL approved dance floor in the city. 

Over the last month The Magic Roundabout has been busy transforming itself into a magical winter go-to destination; a perfectly themed, fully covered, heated winter space that needs to be seen to be believed. Sip electric kool-aid in the psychedelic Far Out Forest, warm up with hot toddies and creative cocktails in The Bassano Hunting Lodge complete with taxidermy trophy wall and gilt mirrors, and immerse yourself in the Year of the Dragon in an opium den inspired VIP area. Add in award-winning street food from experts in the field, including Burger Bear, Dirty Vegan and White Men Can’t Jerk, and you have the recipe for a perfect party.

As we were leaving we had to squeeze past a burlesque performer shooting fireworks out of her tits. We kid you not.


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