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The longest dinner party of the year is here!

On Saturday 8th October 2016 Londoners will have the chance to take part in a record breaking feast! Over the course of 1,000 minutes (yep, that’s 16 hours and 40 minutes) 100 individual dishes will be served to over 100 lucky guests!

A crack team of experienced private chefs are taking on this challenge, they’ll be sautéing, frying, blanching, boiling, sous viding, blending, piping, plating and serving continuously for 1,000 minutes!

La Belle Assiette is embarking on this sparkling marathon to showcase the range of skills and talents of their chefs. Tasting menus offer the opportunity to sample the full range of a chef’s repertoire. All the chefs cooking on the day will be offering their tasting menu on so you if you miss out on tickets you can still enjoy the experience in your own home.


That’s not all, every one of the #100courses has been specially designed to pair perfectly with Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne! All the lucky guests will get to sip on fine Champagne Cuvées from breakfast fit for the Queen at 9am running through to a midnight feast like no other! A true culinary adventure with a touch of sparkle.

Co-founders of La Belle Assiette Stephen and Giorgio are taking on the challenge of eating every dish in this gastronomic feast, will you join them?

If you’re up for the challenge of all #100courses, nutritionist and chef Holly Sugars has some advice. “When eating continuously over a long stretch of time the body will have to work hard to digest the food. Although it may seem like a good idea, participants should not ‘starve’ themselves before the event, as when they begin eating their stomachs may go into shock. Eating fibrous foods and staying hydrated will help them to prepare. Additionally on the day, they should always eat while sitting down, take only small sips of water before and after each course and get up and walk around between courses to aid digestion.”

How to book

Tickets to the event can be purchased here

  • To join the founders of La Belle Assiette for the full 100 courses will cost £1,000
  • To join in for 1.5 hours for 9 delectable courses and Champagne it’s just £49 – you can choose the meal and time you’d like.

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