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The London Shooting Club team up with The Shed

In what might quite possibly be the manliest foodie event we’ve ever seen, this Monday 7th & 14th April, award-winning restaurant The Shed will team up with the London Shooting Club to host its latest installment of The Grill Club, this time with Venison as the theme.

The evenings will be informative too, involving preparation and cookery demonstrations, as well as supper of course!

The London Shooting Club will hunt the deer in Scotland, where it is the most popular big game and bring it to The Shed especially for you. Guests will enjoy The Shed’s Daily Loosener on arrival followed by an introduction and explanation about the techniques used by London Shooting Club founder, Steve Jones.

The Shed co-owner and head chef Oliver Gladwin will then do a cooking demonstration on how to work with venison, showing the best ways to prepare and cook it.

Over the course of the evening, guests will enjoy dishes including: venison tartar, venison terrine, grilled venison with a selection of delicious (hopefully non-venison) desserts to round off the evening.

This is one pretty quirky Monday evening activity that real meat eaters shouldn’t miss.


The Grill Club at The Shed

7th and 14th April, 7pm start

£46 plus service charge

Tel: 020 7229 4024


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