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The Gathering

If you’ve ever wondered what a hippy commune in the 60’s feels like we suggest you book tickets to the next Gathering with meditator extraordinaire, Will Williams.

Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration – there were no trippy hallucinogens but there was unlimited Pukka tea soooooooooooo.

We arrived at The Gathering, a night of ‘Conscious Cabaret’ along with a nearly all-female crowd, spanning the decades. Once we’d tucked into our warming bowl of wholesome dahl we settled into the main room at Cecil Sharpe House in Camden. Don’t forget to look up and around, the mural adorning the entire back wall is pretty spectacular.

The evening started with a sweet performance from Rhain which suitably set the pace for the evening. One lucky guest found an envelope under her chair with £100 to put towards “someone or something that could do with a boost”. So far, so heart-warming – and for the cynics out there, I don’t doubt that anyone in this crowd will put it to great use. The pace picked up when the Hemsley sisters took to the stage to share their foodie wisdom, culminating in an audience Q&A.

After a 20 minute group meditation with Will (who’s delicious voice really puts you in the zone, even for us newbies!) the absolute babe Lucy Rose finished the evening with an ethereal acoustic performance.

Goody bag in hand, I floated down the street (which is harder than you’d expect in Camden) with all the good intentions in my head.

The main points we got out of the evening to improve your wellbeing are, in no particular order:

  1. Chew your food. Really get the saliva around every bit – there are no teeth in your tummy.
  2. Eat Soup. Regularly. Especially in the evening.
  3. Attempt a digital detox. Don’t binge watch Narcos just before bed (guilty!). Light some candles, read a dreamy book and set your pad up for some serious chill time.
  4. Don’t leave for tomorrow, what you can do today. Pick one of the actions above and just do it.


If you like the sound of that, the second edition, taking place on 15th November will play host to the incredible Ruby Wax, who will be in discussion with Will Williams, plus music from legendary rock producer/songwriter Ethan Johns (Kings of Leon, Paul McCartney, Ryan Adams).


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