The Duke has lost its Head – Duke E17

Formerly The Dukes Head, the Duke E17 is a revamped local for the not exclusively hipster, still-going-out young family, dog owning- burger loving crowd.

Duke E17


I hear there’s a decent market in the area but on this particular cold and windy Saturday afternoon Wood Street was a pretty bleak affair. But – once inside we were hit with a welcomed warmth and noise of a pub that is clearly being enjoyed by a lot of people. Not overcrowded, there were still tables and spaces at the bar, but it was clear the Duke was doing something very right.

Even with a birthday party in full swing we didn’t feel like we were imposing on someones private event and in the same vein we weren’t pestered by the crowd which is nice. Some pubs do struggle to balance walk in patrons with big parties.

We were there for the food over drinks but did sample a lovely and sweet cocktail (The Accomplice) as well as a good pint of Whitstable Bay.


Duke E17

Duke E17


On to the burgers! We plumped for the pubs namesake The Duke (£12.95) – a towering combination of brisket + mac and cheese patty, onion rings, american cheese and bacon in a brioche bun, served with fries. We also went for a more traditional All Hail The Cheese (£8.95) swapping the fries for their sweet potato cousin. You can double your patty for an extra £2.50 which is a pretty decent option.

Im not sure how the Mac and Cheese featured in The Duke, either it wasn’t present or it plays a very subtle part. Either way it is a shame as I expected an obvious layer and taste of it in there somewhere which didn’t come to the fore. However I was still very content with The Duke – slightly messy and cumbersome but a great burger none the less.




The All Hail The Cheese was a really good staple burger. You can get a good grip on it without getting too messy and just enough filling packing out that brioche sandwich to fit in your mouth for a solid first bite. The patty was juicy and loosely packed so to crumble just the right amount. If im honest I wasnt expecting as good a burger as this! Just writing this now makes me want another one.




So next time you’re passing through Walthamstow or if you’re already repping E17 but didn’t know the Duke has had a facelift then we definitely recommend a visit. And most definitely grab a burger – because they are on point! Great servce from happy staff, abundant comfy seating and smashing burgers – you can’t go wrong! (unless you get stabbed by a dart on your way to the gents but im sure the people of Walthastow have good aim lol)



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