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The Dead Dolls House comes out to play in Peckham

Opening June 18th – Peckham will be the latest hotspot for the Dead Doll crew to take over!

Having established the club’s monochrome arty ethos at Dead Dolls Club ‘pop-up’ in Hoxton, they have now taken up residence at The Dead Dolls House Islington and The Dead Dolls Club Bethnal Green.

The new establishment will be in keeping with these with The Parlour, the house’s main bar (‘our version of a pub but nicer’), serving up potent drinks and relaxed dining; The Dining Room (pretty self-explanatory); and The Ballroom, Study and Drawing Room on the first floor, hosting the house’s events space and members lounge.

Referring to her work on the Islington and Hoxton venues, creative director Katy Rosewarne said,

‘I love Quentin Blake, trompe l’oeil wallpapers, illustrative picture frames and all of that lovely ornate antique furniture you get in
national trust stately homes and since we can’t afford that, I just draw it instead!’

Yet another great venue to add to Peckham (we love Pedler & Forza Win), Adam tells us why now is the time for Dead Dolls to move south of the river…

‘We’ve so far stayed in East and North London just because it’s near home for us, but over the last year or so lots of our staff have upped and moved to South London – so our curiosity was piqued. “why not take the club to where its staff live”, we thought. The suggestion was received with such excitement by our customers that it seemed almost fated that The Dead Dolls House should be part of the renaissance that’s already happening in Peckham. I’m certain we and our guests are going to feel at home there!’

The House will be serving a menu similar to that of its North London counterpart: that is, such as the 45-day aged Dexter sirloin or the drool-worthy tallow chips for example.


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