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The Booking Office

If Harry Potter was a foodie we’re pretty sure he’d hang out here. 

In real life however The Booking Office is mainly tourists & first dates staring at the (impressive) ceiling.

Kick things off at the bar with a champagne cocktail – if you like yours with a punch go for the St Pancras’ Lemonade featuring homemade lemon sherbet. Go easy though, these bad boys will set you back 14 quid a pop!


A slightly more affordable – and I’d argue classier option – would be a glass of Chapel Down’s English sparkling wine – you’ll feel like a British aristocrat before you know it.

We challenge you to find something on the menu you wouldn’t eat – they cover all the bases with steak, sandwiches, burgers and even omelettes but it’s the Catch of the Day where the chef really has some fun.


Stuffed courgette flowers on quinoa was a strong veggie option, but whatever you go for make sure there’s Lobster Mac n Cheese on the side. It’s as good as it sounds.


There’s no doubt this is an impressive setting but the clientele felt a bit “out-of-town”- there’s cooler places in Kings Cross to hang (try Grain Store or Caravan) Prices are steep and although the mains were tasty, the starters were nothing to write home about. Great service though – take your mum, not your mate.


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