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Hong Kong Brunch at Tea Room – below Bun House

Under Bun House on Greek Street is a little gem of a place that we wish we had known about before! A late night bar (the opening hours on their website only specify ‘very late’ Thurs-Sat) that also serves food, Bun House has just started serving a Hong Kong inspired brunch at the weekend. 

They have also created a Hong Kong twist on a brunch staple, the Bloody Mary; Tea Room’s Ma Lì come in a trio of colours, red, white and green, each with their own flavours and spicing. We sampled the red Bloody Ma Li, a mix of sweet pepper, garlic and chilli and it was one of the best Bloody Mary’s we’ve had in a long time! For those of you perhaps suffering from a late night, Team Room also serves Hong Kong-style sweet tea and coffee and even a creamy homemade soy milk.

Bun House

The brunch is inspired by favourites from Founder Z’s childhood with a good selection of mains and sides to choose from. The first dish we HAVE to talk about is the signature Hong Kong French Toast, two slices of bread stuffed with peanut butter and cheese and served with maple syrup to pour over. Yes, you read that right, peanut butter, cheese AND maple syrup. It shouldn’t work but oh my it does! So rich even two of us sharing couldn’t finish it off, this may well be the best hangover cure we’ve ever seen. We would highly recommend pairing this with the thick cut char siu bacon.

Bun House

If that sounds too much for you (but you really should at least try it …) we can also rave about the cumin potato hash with egg and mince – the fried egg is placed on top of the crispy potato pieces so the yolk can run alllll over. The satay beef noodles (can you tell we love peanut butter?!) came in a satay broth with tender beef strips and was full of flavour. The portions here are big too, we were stuffed sharing these between two.

With other dishes on offer including Iberico char siu pork silky egg rice, pumpkin congee with cured yolk and mince and a pepper beef and egg butty, as well as a whole range of sides, we’ll definitely be back to try some more. Perhaps we can persuade them to stay open all night and just kill two birds with one stone …


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