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The noodle bar tucked away off of Tottenham Court Road…

Tang can be found within a doorway attached to the side of VQ off of Tottenham Court road and is a small, wonderfully decorated kitchen that serves up a super simple menu of hearty, full of flavour, noodle bowls that you can enjoy with a beer.



When we visited they had run out of a few menu items which we only took as a sign of how popular the dishes must be! The perfect reason to return too!

We had the Prawn and Chicken tangs; served with different noodles but both with a tasty broth. The Prawn was more spicy and is definitely recommended for those who love a warm kick. We also recommend you try both the starters – there are only two so you have no excuse not to order ALL the starters! The soy milk chicken wings with homemade hotsauce were perfectly crispy and just the right amount of spice. It was hard not to eat them all and not share! Whilst the homemade blackbean tofu was a new one for us and was a beautiful balance of textures.




If you’re ever in the area and want a lunch time alternative to all the busy spots around Tott Court Rd then Tang is the place. Slightly out of the hustle and bustle and great value for what you get. You won’t go hungry and you won’t break the bank at all. A rarity in London for sure.

We need to go back and try the Rice Tangs as well as the new desserts they are working on!


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