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We love noodles. We’re happy to admit that. So we’ll jump at any chance to try out anything vaguely related in any way. Tang on Great Russell Street specialises in, unsurprisingly, ‘tang’ which simply means soup in Chinese. These noodle bowls are lighter than ramen and aim to fuse flavours from across Asia. 

TANG interior

The menu is concise, offering a selection of small dishes, buns and larger main dishes. A real plus for Tang is the menu offers vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options so is great of you’re heading out with a group of friends with a variety of food requirements.

Black and white tofu

We started with the Black and White Tofu, crispy homemade black soybean tofu served with a white miso sauce. We have to admit, tofu is something we’re always a little wary of but this tofu had a lovely light texture, great flavour and the miso sauce gave it an extra edge.

The Crispy Tofu Bun (using the same tofu as above) was also good, but it was the Fried Chicken Bun that got us! Succulent fried chicken and a homemade hot sauce was right up our street! The hot sauce was hot! But it walked the perfect line between spicy but not too spicy.

Fried Chicken

For our tang, we were undecided between the prawn and chicken curry but after much indecision eventually plumped for the latter. Fried chicken, bean sprouts, coriander, 6 min egg and lime were served in a curry broth. The broth itself had a delicate curry spiced flavour that, after a few mouthfuls, started to pack a punch. The chicken was well cooked and the fresh lime to squeeze over the top provided the freshness needed to combat the curry broth. Also available with the tofu for vegetarians, the tang was a welcome alternative to the ramen flavours we have become so accustomed to in London.

Chicken TANG

The restaurant itself is small, with bench seating so would suit a quick bite at lunch or after work when you just need something hot and a little bit spicy.


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