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Dabba Mania Lunch Menu at Talli Joe

The daily struggle – what to have for lunch?? If a quickly made sandwich or last night’s leftovers just won’t cut it, Talli Joe have come to the rescue! Launching today, their lunchtime dabba menu aims to put some spice back into your lunchtime routine. 

Everyday in Bombay almost 200,000 office workers are delivered a dabba – a three-tiered lunch box containing a freshly prepared meal – to feast on. Talli Joe is bringing this tradition to London with its new Dabba Mania menu. Every day the chosen dabba will represent a different region of Indian cuisine and include a vegetarian or meat half plate, small plate and side plate, all made to complement each other perfectly.

And good news for those who like to eat and run, Talli Joe is offering each dabba lunch box at £10 and if it’s not delivered to your table in the restaurant within 10 minutes, it’s on the house!

Butter Chicken, Delhi 1

The Surat, which includes a Sandwich Dhokla small plate, Bohri Chicken half plate and Thepla, Rice, Chanda, Plain Dahl side plate was particularly delicious. The bohri chicken was spicy and succulent and the thepla was great for mopping up the remaining sauce! The Pune (Puneri Misal Salad small plate, Crab Vada Pao half plate and Sweet Potato Crisps side plate) was also a favourite with a succulent crab ‘burger’ and moreish sweet potato crisps!

Although £10 is more than some other lunch options, this is a very good sized lunch and would serve as an ‘early dinner lunch’ for those days you know you’re not going to have dinner before your way out!

The Dabba Mania menu is available from today, 1st February, between 12-3pm daily.


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