Bigger than a Graze box and easier to deliver than a branch of WholeFoods… Superfoodio is the new way to discover super food infused snacks and ingredients for your meals.

“Our aim is to introduce a selection of often unheard of superfood-infused treats to everyone with a passion for healthy eating. Sharing what we discovered ourselves, about how snacking CAN be healthy, and that there are great alternatives to sugary, over-processed foods, is a real focus for us”

This is the mantra of Jag and Nirali, the founders of Superfoodio, who packed in their day jobs and threw themselves into the world of healthy snack discovery. Both vegetarian and passionate about healthy eating; they unearthed an amazing array of unheard-of delicious new superfoods whilst travelling. These superfoods were often ingredients used in local cuisine, snacks and drinks, and gave them a real energy boost as well as being abundant in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, all beneficial to good health.




Now the couple are delivering these hand picked parcels straight to your door so you can enjoy what is certainly more than just your ordinary box of snacks!

Nirali and Jag change the mix of foods in their boxes every month. They work with highly experienced health food suppliers to select their products, understanding that variation and balance is key. They also understand the importance of great service and apply great care when hand-packing their boxes and delivering them to your door. A box from Superfoodio is a pure delight! You can choose from 2 sizes, the Classic or the Deluxe which is larger and contains more of everything, plus
additional product information and a mix of recipe cards designed for each meal of the day.
To discover more and order your box, go to

You can also follow Nirali and Jag’s experience of discovering new superfoods each month by following them on @superfoodio on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


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