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Super Lyan

Mr Lyan (aka the lovely Ryan Chetiyawardana) is at it again, revamping his ground breaking cocktail bar White Lyan into its reincarnation – Super Lyan.

Here, the Mr Lyan team are serving a collection of “Bitchin’ Classics” where seemingly familiar drinks have been suped-up with a sprinkle of Mr Lyan magic. The timeless cocktails are presented in an accessible, jargon-free menu that guides guests according to their taste and palates. You’ll find helpful hints as to what to expect from each cocktail with descriptions such as ‘Fruity’ ‘Fresh’ or ‘Rich’ next to each one.

So whilst at White Lyan you wouldn’t find cubes of ice, shakers or anything other than homemade spirits, things are a little looser at Super Lyan.

Favourites of ours included the why-aren’t-we-drinking-this-on-a-sunlounger Baha Colada made with Cachaca (a distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane) and the super fresh Silverleaf Fizz complete with edible sugar snap garden pea.

With a cracking playlist, exposed brick walls, neon lights, sexy booths and a pole – it’s a dingy basement bar and we love it.

Super Lyan is the first part of a two stage transformation happening at the venue. More details of the second project to be announced… watch this space. (But we hear it involves food and we are VERY excited).

Here’s one to try for yourself at home…….


Queen’s Park at Super Lyan 

Bacardi Carta Blanca + Ocho, lymon, green herbs Peychaud & avocado leaf bitters – £9.50 

DIY Recipe:

25ml Bacardí Carta Blanca

25ml Bacardí 8yo

15ml sugar syrup

10ml lime juice

10ml lemon juice

8 green leaves (eg verbena, oregano, thai basil)

Build over crushed ice in a hi-ball glass. Add more crushed ice and dash over some peychaud bitters. Garnish with a sprig of mint




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