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Sunday Lunch at The Jones Family Project

We’re big fans of the dreamy steak/wine/cocktail combo that The Jones Family Project do so well. BUT we also know that January is a bitch of a month when it comes to finances, so that might seem way out of reach right now.

Good news though, these guys have come up with an absolute steal of a deal – the Set Sunday Roast. Because it’s way too gloomy to stay in all month you little hermit.

Priced at just £14.50 for two courses or £17.50 for three you’ll be treated to meat from the legendary Ginger Pig with all the trimmings.

As ever, the upstairs at TJFP doesn’t give anything away. While fine for a mid-week laptop session or to sink a few cocktails, it’s downstairs where the magic really happens. We love the dimmed lights, intimate booths and indoor trees.

Settle in with a Hugo – we first discovered these in the Dolomites (prosecco, elderflower & mint) and although it’s more of a summer drink, it’s WAY too irresistible to limit to the summer months.

Choose from two starters (or order from the a la carte menu if the above doesn’t apply to you, show off). These will change to keep things fresh but while we were there you could choose between a simple Caesar salad or a veggie goats cheese tart.


The big decision comes later – Chicken, Beef, Nut Roast or Salmon. All of which comes with a great selection of sides. Slices of beef were cooked perfectly medium rare with a juicy ridge of fat along one side. A huge Yorkshire dwarfed the plate and was stuffed with mash potato (a personal fave). Don’t worry, for the roast Nazi’s out there you’ll also get roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips, broccoli and we even spied a couple of little sprouts. We can’t really imagine what else you’d want from a roast – there was even plenty of gravy and a good dollop of creamed horseradish for good measure. It was hearty, but also pretty sophisticated, filling us up without putting us into a food coma. The dream. Pair it with a glass of the Rioja Reserva – you won’t regret it.

We didn’t really fancy getting back to grey, broke January so ordered Anna’s triple chocolate brownie. Served with a good dollop of indulgently rich vanilla ice-cream & a swirl of salted caramel.

If you just can’t resist the steak, throughout January TJFP are offering two Rib Eye steaks and a bottle of Rioja with sides for £45 for either lunch or dinner.

Round up the troops and book a table now.


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