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Sunday Bruncho at Freak Scene

Freak Scene

Freak Scene have recently launched a brand spanking new Sunday Bruncho menu, we went along to check it out.

Located in the heart of Soho, the poster-plastered Freak Scene is centred around the kitchen, with diners perched on bar stools, with a full frontal view into the hectic kitchen. Ideal for couples, less so for larger groups. After a warm welcome by chef Scott Hallsworth and co-founder Phar Shaweewan we were served a Freak Scene Fizz by one of their adorable little kids, who could barely reach the pass. Yep, it was a full on family affair, with the kids getting under their feet and the Freak Street skiffle-punk band playing in the corner to much applause. Feeling like we were at their family kitchen table, rather than a restaurant, we tucked into the bento-style box of treats.

There are just two options – meat or veggie – with both presented as a cheeky twist on a traditional Japanese bento box. It’s a great way of trying a whole host of Freak Scene’s signature dishes and comes in at the very reasonably priced £26 (which includes the fizz and dessert – more of which later!).

We started with a miso-grilled black cod taco which is sweet and sticky, stuffed with sushi rice and slices of scorched red chilli (be warned, it can get a bit fiery around here!). You might recognise the infamous salmon ‘sashimi’ pizza from Kurobuta, a restaurant Scott worked at previously . A juicy, tea-smoked lamb chop was one of the most tender we’ve ever had the pleasure of trying, and the Singapore fried chicken comes in a rather healthy lettuce cup that the Helmsley sisters would surely even approve of. It’s not a complete meat feast though, with a couple of artichoke ‘chopsticks’ making an appearance, served with a truffle ponzu dipping sauce.

Dessert follows a similar all-in-one theme with a variety of mocha ice cream balls served alongside a slice of dragon fruit and the hot chocolate mousse – essentially a rich, runny chocolate drink poured over cherries.

Freakscene is nothing if not eclectic, but we had a lot of fun. Except flavoursome dishes that don’t break the bank, or take themselves too seriously either. Ideal for a silly Sunday.

From 21st October, brunch at Freak Scene will be served every Sunday from 12 noon – 5pm.



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