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The Sun Tavern – Winter Menu

The Sun Tavern Winter Menu

Fresh from their knock out collaboration with New York’s The Dead Rabbit, The Sun Tavern have curated their new winter cocktail menu.

Inspired by often overlooked spirits from around the world, the new menu features everything from Eastern Europe’s Slivovitz (a fruit brandy made from damson plums), Peru & Chile’s Pisco, Scandinavia’s Akvavit (a herby spirit – think caraway & dill), to Marc from France (pronounced mahr and rhymes with car) and Italy’s Grappa. Tipples include The Three C’s which mixes Cachaca, Cocchi Torino, Homemade Glogg, Green Chartreuse and Angostura Bitters to create a Brazilian-like rum mix while the Bianca transports you to Italy with Grappa, Lemon, Honey and Chinook Hop Tincture to finish.

The Sun Tavern Winter Menu

One of our favourites was the Sir Banks Fizz – Quiquiriqui Mezcal, Kummel, Lime and Pineapple & Eucalyptus Syrup – SO fragrant. Sounds mental but we couldn’t get enough of the smell…….which made us drink it a little fast. Good excuse to order another. If you need a little help getting in the festive spirit you’ll appreciate the mulled cider kept warm for you on the bar.

Oh and there’s punch bowls if you’re in a group/feeling thirsty.

It’s always wise to order a few bar snacks (you’ll thank us in the morning) – the cheese board is from Neal’s Yard, whereas the charcuterie includes air-dried pork loin with chilli, venison, pork and long pepper salami & chump ham. Pig & Hay provide the sausage rolls and scotch eggs.

In short, The Sun Tavern is a cracking little space, just moments from Bethnal Green tube. It’s dark, moody, and lit by candlelight. The backlit bar takes center stage, with bang on it barman taking pride in creating some pretty beautiful cocktails.

This is a no nonsense, stand out bar with staff that know their shit and a decent crowd that you’re happy to share the space with.

If it’s your local, lucky you. We wouldn’t want to share it with the likes of us either.

Oh and the soundtrack! If you’re a 90’s indie kid, you’ll love. Expect The Strokes, Oasis and the like.

Just a shame there’s no dance floor quite frankly.


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