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Strut & Cluck branch out

Initially specialising in turkey (the bird, not the country), Strut & Cluck have now branched out with a delicious and varied extended menu.

Although turkey was their ‘thing’ we always felt that was the wrong thing to focus on. Sure, most of their dishes featured the free-range lean meat, but what really shone was the Eastern Mediterranean inspired flavours.

Now that focus will surely change with the addition of new meat and fish options available, using those same flavours to create a selection of small mezze style plates and larger options to share.

Strut & Cluck interior

The ‘picked, tossed, grilled’ section of the menu is a delight. Using all of our favourite ingredients (think tahini, pomegranate, garlic and paprika) we were spoilt for choice. We recommend a quarter (trust us it’s HUGE!) of the cauliflower, beautifully charred and slathered in spiked crème fraiche. The Pita of the Day was perfection and the crispy rosemary potatoes sat atop a great big dollop of yoghurt. We squabbled over the last feta, quinoa and mint fritters. I mean – can I actually type any more of my favourite ingredients? Love, love, love. This is veggie heaven so highly recommend if you’re looking for a hot dinner date for a mix of both veggies and meat-eaters alike.


Now you could leave it there but then you’d miss out on their signature hand-pulled shawarma with turkey, dates and pine nuts which would be a travesty. In terms of new dishes, the slow cooked lamb on polenta was sticky sweet and just the comfort food we crave as the temperatures drop.


If you have room for dessert the rich flourless chocolate mousse comes with salted sesame crackers for scooping up and adding a grown up balance of flavours. Strut & Cluck also have a very interesting take on the humble cheesecake. Forget a biscuit base, here you’ll get a nest of sugary strands topped with a dollop of cheesecake cream and caramelised pecans.

Be sure to order a ‘Jaffa I’ve Mist You Rum’ cocktail – a concoction of rum, orange bitters and sweet candied orange syrup with a chocolatey rim, it’s not to be missed. We could have drunk 10. We also approved of S&C’s take on the perennially popular Espresso Martini – here they use oh-so-light almond milk for a super smooth flavour. And then top it with a giant marshmallow – because why the hell not?


We really love Strut and Cluck and want people to know they are so much more than turkey. Although that’s bloody good too.


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