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Story Deli

Fresh from the Chowzter Awards, where they won Worlds Best Margherita, we just had to visit Story Deli!
We went from applauding Lee Hollingsworth as he accepted his award, to bumping into him outside and asking if Story Deli would be open – where he confirmed they’re open every day (yes every day people) until 10pm and that was where he was headed that very moment. True to his word, a few minutes later we were sat in the beautifully quaint and shabby chic dining room of Story Deli where Lee had donned his apron and was making pizza magic.A white washed back room stacked with bags of flour (we presume?) and seated on makeshift chairs it feels like a pizza speak easy; quiet and hidden away, lit with flickering candlelight.


And of course the room is beautifully decked out with worn tables, candles and stacked mirrors when Vogue Italia’s stylist AnnShore is your partner. Even Lee’s son’s artwork can be seen pinned to the screen that tries to hide the kitchen.


Rather than the award winning Margherita we opted for the ‘Romero’; chorizo, smashed tomatoes, tomato passata, fresh red onion, buffalo mozzarella, mascarpone, rosemary oil & basil pesto and the ‘Charlie Jones’; spicy sausage, tomato passata, taleggio, parmesan, roasted red peppers, garlic, toasted spices, birds eye chillies & sweet chilli sauce.


The pizzas were a chic mess of toppings upon the lightest base you’ll ever try. In fact I’m pretty sure the dough died, went to heaven and we were eating off of its ghost – it was that light. We could have rolled them up and eaten them whole and ordered more – in fact we should of!


£16 for a pizza may seem steep but it’s like no other pizza you will get anywhere else and its 100% organic. Go there for the pizza, go thee to meet the humble Lee Hollingsworth or just go there to admire the decor. Just go there.


by @Jarvdesign and @Staceysssssss



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