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STK Sunday Roast

STK London Roast

If this freezing cold weather calls for anything, it’s a good ol’ Sunday Roast! Are you with me?? Although STK is a proudly American steak house, they felt it was about time that they gave our traditional dish an almighty American twist.

Roast dinner purists might balk at the idea of swapping a traditional boozer complete with roaring fireplace for the shamelessly blingy STK, but rest assured on a Sunday lunchtime the glitz is dialled down a notch.

You’ll start with their obligatory blue cheese buns, which have been served ever since they opened and do a good job of staving of hunger pains before the star of the show arrives.

In typical state-side style, this whopper of a meal is served sharing style and centres around fat slices of USDA grain-fed New York rib eye roll, served super pink with marbled fat running throughout.

STK London Sunday Roast

Yorkshire puddings have been supersized and stuffed with a whole heap of roasted veg – parsnips, carrots, squash and the like. Your regular roasties have been replaced with a stack of fat parmesan truffle fries and squidy corn bread, perfect for soaking up the trio of sauces – hot horseradish, peppercorn and their signature STK sauce. Truffled mac & cheese was tasty (I mean, what part of mac, truffle and cheese isn’t delish?), although it was curiously cold despite being served in a cast iron skillet. (We don’t take *THAT* long to take a photo, honest guv!). That feast will set you back £24 per person, not a bad deal if you ask us.

STK London Sunday Roast

STK London Sunday Roast

Desserts were a tad ‘basic bitch’ (and we mean that in the nicest possible way, uncomplicated, sweet, straight forward), because sometimes a super sweet, chocolatey extravaganza is the only damn thing you want! If you agree – you’ll love the Junk Chalice. Designed to share, you’ll work your way through cinnamon & chocolate ice cream, boozy whipped cream, popcorn, salted caramel fudge, hot caramel sauce, candy floss & finally – gingerbread. Good luck doing your trousers up after that.

OF COURSE there’s the option to make your booze bottomless (no one that frequents STK is doing Dry January). That will set you back £15 a head and you’ll get a choice of unlimited prosecco, wine or beer.


We dined as guests of the restaurant and our meal was complimentary.

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