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Sticks n Sushi Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf reminds me of a rogue micro pig. You think you’ve got yourself a little one but then it unexpectedly keeps on GROWING.

With this in mind, you’ll find Sticks n Sushi in a brand new bit of Canary Wharf that I bet you haven’t discovered yet. The sun was shining and the gorgeous new space felt like a holiday stroll along the promenade rather than the heart of the financial district.

Sticks n Sushi

Anyway, I digress. I loved the space – all industrial and airy. We sat at the bar for a quick cocktail before dinner where we ordered the Rhuby Fizz. A seasonal cocktail, this tasted just like sunshine and went down all too easily. Rhubarb liqueur, gin, soda – this was a refreshing long drink priced at a reasonable £9.

Sticks n Sushi

If I knew what was to come I may have ordered another one to settle me. The menu is HUGE. Granted they do offer a set menu if you can’t make up your mind but the problem was more that I wanted to order everything.

Ebi bites (tempura shrimp with chilli, coriander, pepper and a miso-aioli dip) and Spicy Edamame were strong snacks to tide me over and help me through the hard decisions.

Sticks n Sushi

I felt the sushi was the strongest part of the menu, and the stand out was the Hell’s Kitchen Roll which features tempura shrimp (I LOVE tempura shrimp in my sushi!!), avocado, a spicy sauce, then it’s topped with tuna and a dash of BBQ sauce. Hell Yeah.

Sticks n Sushi

I ordered the naughtiest stick I could find – Goats cheese wrapped in Parma ham. Take that arteries.

Also sounding delicious was the beef with miso herb dressing, scallop wrapped in smoked bacon, miso marinated black cod, bacon wrapped asparagus (noticing a theme here) and panko breaded duck with wasabi caesar dressing. I know right, decisions.

Sticks n Sushi

Beef Tataki was super delicious and a nice alternative to sushi or sticks. Served thinly sliced and piled with a spicy goma dressing which we drizzled all over the top.

Sticks n Sushi

Cauliflower is oh so trendy at the moment and you’ll find it served here with a delicious black sesame truffle sauce.

There is a salad section but, please see above.

You will not have room for dessert but you will eat it because – desserts are served mini style – and honestly, who can refuse a mini dessert.

We loved the DIY boxes that you can make up yourself.

We went for the Dark Box, containing black sesame ice cream, marcel chocolate cake with crystallised white chocolate, bergamot orange crème brûlée & dark fondant with chocolate caramel & peppermint heart topped with hazelnut brittle

Oh and then we had some White chocolate pops with sweet miso. Because we are ANIMALS. So delicious though – think of a Japanese/Copenhagen take on the beloved Ferrero Rocher. I dare you not to order.

A delicious light red wine accompanied the whole shebang and left us rolling home to Hackney.

I look forward to returning.



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