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We love a good secret as much as the next guy, but what we love even more is sharing those secrets!

So, yeh, maybe dont tell us anything you dont want the world to know about…

JW Steakhouse have set you a mission to 1,  find the secret entrance to their authentic american steak dining experience and 2, get the password in order to get in. Which is Louisiana225 by the way 😉 (told you we were rubbish with secrets!)





Entering via a disused entrance located on Upper Grosvenor Street, you will be treated to a seven course, yes SEVEN COURSE (!) meal in a private dining room. The meal will include obscene treats such as lobster mac n cheese, oysters, triple cooked chips and cheesecake!

So go get your fill! and you didnt hear this from us, alright? 😉

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