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Spice Night at The 3 Crowns Old Street pub

On Thursday, 29th October Arun Kapil, founder of award winning spice company, Green Saffron will host a Spice Night at The 3 Crowns Old Street pub. Cooking alongside Head Chef Lee Urch, Arun will create a 5-course menu making the most of Green Saffron’s fresh, vibrant spices.

The evening will begin with canapés of Venison Tartar with crisp bread, ‘Gol Guppa’, tamarind water & spice and Artichoke ‘Croques’, Desmond, cream & cubeb.

This will be followed by a Spiced Butternut and Autumn Leaf Salad, slow-cooked Burford Brown egg and shaved raw chestnut. Guests will next enjoy Cornish Cock Crab Cakes with sweet cucumber pickle, Rajput ‘split and grilled’ Red-Legged Partridge, damson & bramble ‘lunji’ and chickpea game chips finished off with Triple Chocolate Meringue Cream Pie, garam biscuit, pistachio & rose.


A digestif, created especially for the evening will be ‘Mishri and Soonf’ a traditional Indian ‘Paan’ of baby fennel seeds and sugar crystals.

With the help of Dynamic Wines, Restaurant Manager Rohit Patkar has designed a list of organic and biodynamic wines especially for the evening. The list, including a selection of orange, red and white wines will be poured from magnums and available by the glass.

Arun Kapil’s ‘Spice Night’ at The 3 Crowns – Thursday 29th October, 7pm

Price: £45 p/p

To book, please contact The 3 Crowns on: 020 7842 8516


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