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Smokey Tails

We have fond memories of eating Seth Troxler’s BBQ goodness in a muddy field at Glastonbury, but thankfully you can now find them at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen – hurrah!

The team make sure there is always a banging vinyl being played, the cocktails are cold and strong and the menu is designed to be shared – so totally ideal for your biggest group of pals! Who’s birthday is it next??


Seth’s ACTUAL momma flew over to show the team how it’s done. So expect the real deal when it comes to all things BBQ.

The menu is so good that you’ll almost certainly order too much. Let us help you by recommending the Smoked Lamb Belly Croquettes complete with special sauce and the spicy, super messy but mega meaty hot wings to start.

The salads are really strong here so do not skim over this section. Try their take on tabbouleh, a generous heap of giant couscous, peppers, tomato and feta. Burrata – the cheese of dreams – is given a BBQ makeover in a smoked Italian panzanella salad, one of the most inventive (and delicious!) ways we’ve seen it served lately.


Fried chicken and BBQ ribs are heaven with oozy Mac n Cheese. Told you you’d order too much. Best get that Uber on standby as you won’t be walking anywhere.The best bit? Prices are really really good, salads and starter-y type bits are only around 3 quid, with the meaty main’s about £6.50.


Don’t judge us but we had to try dessert for you guys and BOY was it good. Burnt brown butter & pecan chocolate brownie, with real vanilla ice cream, drizzled in salted caramel sauce. We bet you’ll find the room too.


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