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Slingsby Sofa Sessions


Slingsby Gin will be hosting its third Slingsby Sofa Session this Thursday 9th April – so if you are missing the cocktail bar, make your very own at home with Slingsby’s cocktail masterclass.

Slingsby Gin’s mixologist Louise will be going live on Instagram and Facebook at 6pm, with two live cocktail demos lasting around 30 minutes. You’ll be shown how to make a Gin Mule and the Slingsby Breakfast Martini, with Louise on hand to answer your cocktail questions, and be put through your paces to unleash your inner mixologist!

There is a complete recipe list available (see below) so you can prepare everything you’ll need before the masterclass, along with a list of alternative ingredients you can use, depending on what you have at home! The perfect way to kick off the long Easter weekend if you ask us!

If you’ve missed the first two sessions we’ll bring you up to speed. On the 21st March we looked into the rich history of gin and how to make the perfect G&T and then in the second instalment on the 3rd April there was the ultimate gin quiz!

However, even if you’ve missed those, there’s no reason not to jump in now!

The masterclass on Thursday is free of charge – G&T to enjoy during the demos is recommended!


Gin Mule – a simple cocktail to make at home.
50ml gin (we recommend Slingsby Rhubarb but the London Dry or Slingsby Gooseberry works great too).
200ml good quality ginger beer (don’t get confused between ale and beer! Beer works best for this drink!)
1 lime cut into ¼
Optional mint to garnish

You will need…

A glass – ideally not a wine glass or goblet. Use a flat bottomed collins or rocks glass or even better a mule tin/mug!
Something to crush the limes with – ideally a muddler but a rolling pin will work well too. (If you can’t find anything don’t worry you can just squeeze and drop the limes into the glass. Louise will show you how!)
A spoon
Optional shot glass/jigger/measure – but you can just do it by eye.

Using a muddler crush the limes into the bottom of your glass extracting as much juice as you can. Add a double measure of Slingsby gin to the lime juice and pulp. Fill the glass with ice and top with ginger beer. Give it a little stir and then garnish with a mint sprig. Enjoy!

The breakfast martini – a slightly more complex drink but give it a go!
1.5 parts gin (37.5ml) We recommend Slingsby Marmalade gin, however, London Dry or Slingsby Rhubarb works just as well!
1 part orange liqueur (25ml)
2 parts orange juice (50ml)
1 part lemon juice (25ml)
1 tsp marmalade
Option top with prosecco
Option garnish a teeny slice of marmalade on toast

You will need…

A martini glass, cocktail shaker, strainer and ice.
If you don’t have a cocktail shaker you can use a jam jar or protein shaker.

Add all the ingredients to your shaker except the prosecco and shake until cold. Strain the drink into your glass and serve with a teeny slice of toast.
If you want to add prosecco and share this drink with your housemate or partner – split the mixture across two glasses/flutes and top with prosecco.

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