Happiness served by the scoop

snowflake luxury gelato

This is what Snowflake Luxury Gelato will be doing on Wardour Street from 24th September 2013!

To celebrate the launch of Snowflake Soho, the #SnowflakeSnowstorm will be hitting the new boutique at Midday on Friday 4th October, with the first 200 litres of gelato served to customers ABSOLUTELY FREE! Hear that? Free gelato people!

Having opened their first store in Bayswater in August 2012; Snowflake Luxury Gelato is extending their brand to Soho. With gelato that is half the fat of traditional ice cream and much less air, resulting in a smoother more flavoursome gelato experience. Plus they will have the largest gelato counter in London!




Snowflake Luxury Gelato takes an artisan approach to their gelato; lovingly made by hand every day in the Bayswater and Soho boutiques, using organic Jersey milk from the happiest cows in Somerset, organic cream and sugar.  Snowflake Luxury Sorbetto is handmade using only the goodness of seasonal fresh fruits, making it refreshingly delicious as well as fat and dairy free! For the uber health conscious, there’s even the Snowflake Guilt-Free Sorbetto range with no added sugar! With flavours including apple and elderflower, pear, papaya and pomegranate – who says you can’t have your (guilt-free) sorbetto and eat it too?


Only fresh, authentic ingredients are used to infuse intense and luxurious flavours into every scoop of Snowflake Luxury Gelato – Sicilian pistachios create the perfect pale green shade, aromatic Madagascan vanilla pods bring an exotic twist to an old favourite, whilst hazelnuts from Piedmont deliver the ultimate creamy taste sensation.




Snowflake Luxury Gelato’s resident Neapolitan Gelataio (Gelato Chef), has developed over 50 luxurious gelato and sorbetto flavours in the Snowflake laboratory, with tasty creations including the signature Snowflake gelato, a sensational blend of white chocolate, hazelnut and coconut, to the decadent sea salted caramel, a foodie favourite in the making.


It’s not just fans of Snowflake Luxury Gelato that can’t get enough of the incredible flavours, the judges of the Great Taste Awards 2013 recently awarded Snowflake Luxury Gelato eight coveted gold stars across four of their fantastic products, including three gold stars for the delicious strawberry sorbetto.  The Guild of Fine Food has also fallen for the charms of the extra dark chocolate Snowflake Luxury Sorbetto, describing it as ‘The Agent Provocateur of the tongue’– naughty and nice!


If you can bear to share your gelato, Snowflake Luxury Gelato has a range of indulgent Snowdrift Sundaes just made for splitting (or not, depending on how much you like to hog the spoon).  Other sweet treats on offer include Snowflake crêpes and waffles, made using in-house recipes and topped with fresh fruit, whipped cream and of course, gelato, as well as handmade cakes and truffles perfectly accompanied by a glass tea pot of fine tea, or a shot of rich Monmouth Coffee.


Indulge your inner child by slurping on a signature Snowshake or dipping your spoon into a retro Snowfloat, or opt for one of the more sophisticated Snowflake Granitas, an uber healthy Snowflake Juice or even a Snowflake Smoothie.


Prices for Snowflake Luxury Gelato start at £3.20, with your flavour of choice served in a cone, tub or frosted glass gelato bowl. You can also enjoy ‘Snowflake at Home’ with prices starting a £10.00 for half a litre of your favourite gelato or sorbetto.

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