Serious Pig

Serious Pig is leading a crusade to inspire food brands to open up about ingredients. The Peckham-based charcuterie has launched a “craft, not crap” campaign to stop brands misleading customers about unhealthy, mass-produced junk food and get the country snacking on fresh, authentic products.

Well we are on BOARD! Surprisingly the Snackingham packs are just 88 calories a pack (if that’s your thing) and high in protein while being low in carbs. Most importantly though, they are DELICIOUS! We’re so pleased to discover a savoury, beautifully sourced snack to get us through that tricky time between lunch and dinner!


These guys seriously mean business, pledging to be so honest with their customers that they are even adding images, videos, tasting notes and descriptions of two breeds of pig to their website so that you can vote for your favourite via social media. The winning pig will then be used in Serious Pig’s next Snackingham range!

We get our fix at Hackney Picturehouse but you can get yours from Ocado or Borough Box too!

You’ll never reach for a packet of crisps again.

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