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Grab a Schmaltz for a fiver!

You’ll find Jewish-inspired French-made chicken truck Schmaltz on soft launch from today in Broadgate Circle. Expect free-range chicken re-imagined by Michelin-trained chef Karl Burdock, available for a fiver until 27th October!

So what exactly are Schmaltz all about? Firstly these guys only use France’s finest quality, Label Rouge chicken (awarded the golden egg of poultry prizes in the UK, they promise​ only​ the highest quality, heritage​ bred,​ 81 day aged​ birds).

It’s then cooked from fresh using Michelin techniques, whereby each bird is seared and roasted with the skin on for a crunchy skin. Then they add 100% natural, homemade sauces, before slipping it into a teardrop shaped sandwiches (made especially to perfectly accommodate the chicken breast’s shape).

Choose from:

Chicken Schmaltz ​ – ​ roast chicken skin, carrot reduction, pea leaf, parsley sauce and pickled fennel​ , ​

Chilli Schmaltz ​ -​ roast chicken skin, preserved lemon feta, baby kale and wasabi rocket and ​

Mushroom Schmaltz ​ – ​ roast chicken skin, mushroom sauce with mushroom duxelles, baby kale and wasabi rocketleavesandparmesanmayonnaise

Veggies can grab a bun filled with a ​ fresh courgette rosti, lemon and feta sauce, fresh green chilli sauce, wasabi with baby kale leaf salad and parmesan crisps.

Worried you won’t be able to find them? Not likely – just look out for the Timorous Beasties dandelion print wrapped, fully equipped glossy mobile kitchen! It’s a thing of beauty.

We’re calling it the ultimate protein pit-stop.


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