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Scarfes Bar

NO-ONE really does any work on a Friday.

With this in mind we’ve found the perfect place for that “working” lunch – Scarfes Bar at the super swanky Rosewood London in Holborn.

Lucky for you, you don’t need to fork out for a room to feel like you’re winning – just book a table at Scarfes, and get the afternoon off to a great start with the Bubbles & Shrubs cocktail.

We also show you how to make it here! Because lunch is always better with cocktails.

Scarfes Bar

With impressive head chef Palash Mitra (ex Cinnamon Club) at the helm, expect luxurious Indian dishes such as curries & kebabs, given a modern twist. He was kind enough to provide some pre-dinner sustenance with these cute potato and rice snacks – complete with spicy sauce that you pour in yourself – a lot of fun when you’re supposed to be at work and have a cocktail in the other hand.

Scarfes Bar

Paneer is served in two hefty slabs – (perfect for sharing), alongside Dal Makhani and Naan.

Delicately flavoured with basil and almond paste and marinated in cream cheese and cardamom this is light enough for lunch but won’t see you leaving hungry.

Scarfes Bar

We bypassed the more traditional curries because the specials sounded so, well, special!

Indian doesn’t get much more decadent then this.

Kerelan fillet of beef with peppercorns is served Biryani style with extra salan gravy on the side. This is a huge portion and totally defeated us but was pretty moreish, our forks kept wandering back for more, long after it should have done!

Scarfes Bar

My favourite dish of the meal though has to be the Tandoori Tiger Prawn – the most succulent I’ve probably ever had with the most melt in the mouth pot of Garlic Pepper Butter Crab on the side in case you didn’t feel quite sinful enough.

This is a light dish (3 huge prawns) and each and every bite was savoured!

Scarfes Bar

Dishes aren’t cheap here and I’d advise you go on the company’s card – but it’s a great venue for a business lunch or a romantic tryst for two bunking off work early. All areas of the room are unique with furniture vastly grand but quirky.

We went on bright & sunny day, but we’d love to return in the depth of winter and sit by the huge fireplace.

Scarfes Bar


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