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Santo Remedio Cocina Mexicana

Santo Remedio

When owners Edson (ex-Wahaca) & wife Natalie shut the Shoreditch outpost of Santo Remedio suddenly (after just five months), it’s fair to say there was a collective uproar from their fans. They’d won rave reviews for their modern Mexican from just about everyone, with Jay Rayner describing it as “full of lightness and brightness, colour, punch and enthusiasm”.

Well the London food scene is nothing if not enthusiastic and before you knew it there was a kickstarter launched and wholeheartedly supported to see it return.

Low and behold, they are back bigger and better than ever, this time on London Bridge’s Tooley Street. The space has a warm homely vibe, thanks to a personal touch when it came to decorating the space. It kind of feels like you’re sitting in your nana’s kitchen (if your nana was Mexican and knew how to rustle up a mean margarita).

Santo Remedio

Whilst the original menu focused on tacos, this new space allows the team to branch out into more complex, regional dishes such as moles and pipianes. Don’t worry though, the tacos are still there – we’d quite happily eat the 8-hour braised beef barbacoa tacos every night for the rest of our days.

Before you do that though, start with some expertly made guac – if you’re feeling brave add a protein hit in the way of grasshoppers. Yes, seriously. (Before you ask, they’d run out the night we visited!!) The tuna tostado was one of our favourite things on the menu – a crunchy base is topped with gorgeous chunks of pink meat and green guajillo chilli which had a lovely warm heat.

Keep your eyes peeled for the specials – we got our hands on a veggie friendly courgette taco the night we were there, and the sides are strong too – don’t miss the corn on the cob, served on a stick and covered in lime, chipotle mayo and Pecorino.

There’s only one dessert but when it’s churros is there really anything else worth considering?

If you’re not ready to end your night there, head upstairs to the Mezcal & Tequila bar where you can get your mits on the likes of the Piña Al Carbon (Mezcal, charred pineapple, and ginger).

One more for the road has never sounded so tempting.


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