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Sourced Market Retox vs Detox

Here at Crummbs HQ we are all about Retox vs Detox which is why we love the sound of Sourced Market’s pop-up!

Catering for those of us with and without willpower (did you know 60% of Brits fall off the wagon by day 30 of January and 20% give up after the first week!) Sourced Market have introduced The UK’s first Retox Vs Detox Pop-Up!

For those kick-starting a new health regime in 2015, there is a ‘green’ healthy menu, to include five-a-day salads, green juices and paleo egg muffins, all gluten and dairy free. For those that think New Year’s resolutions aren’t worth the effort, there will be a special blend of coffee from Mission Coffee Works, gourmet doughnuts from Crosstown and hearty meat pies.

Here’s a taste of what Londoners can expect on the colour-coded menus:



Gluten-Free Banana Bread

Timmy’s Pies

Green Detox Juices

The Ultimate Bacon Roll

Paleo Egg Muffins

Crosstown Gourmet Doughnuts

Five-a-day Fresh Salads and Soups

Craft Beer and Cider

Quinoa based grain-free breakfast cereals

London-Roasted Mission Coffee

Located in Exit 3 of Old Street’s Underground Station, Sourced Market’s Pop-Up aims to raise the bar and improve the quality of food available at London’s tube stations with all natural, real food from small producers, but at the same time, giving commuters the option of a healthy or indulgent menu.

Nicola Shubrook, qualified nutritionist and Founder of Urban Wellness UK Ltd said: “January is always a great time to reflect on the previous year and adopt new and healthier habits for the coming year. The challenge is sticking to them! The key to any New Year’s resolution or change in habits is to make them achievable. If you set the bar too high, you’re more likely to fail, so start small and start slow.

“Health is always high on the agenda at the start of a New Year, but it can take up to nine weeks for a new habit to become automatic*. All too often we set ourselves too big a goal, in a bid to get quick results but this means we’re much more likely to fail, which is exactly why Sourced Market’s new pop-up is an ideal solution for both ‘retoxers’ and ‘detoxers’.”

Ben O’Brien, Founder of Sourced Market comments on the exciting launch: “Every year in Britain, there is massive craze over New Year’s resolutions and everyone becomes obsessed with calorie counting. At Sourced Market we focus on what I refer to as ‘real’ food – that is, great tasting food made with all natural ingredients. Some of our options are super healthy and some more indulgent. For me, the secret to healthy living is a balanced diet and maintaining a balanced diet is a lot easier if you allow yourself to indulge in a bit of a treat from time to time. We all have our weaknesses and you can only resist them for so long!

“The idea behind the Retox vs Detox theme is both to showcase the breadth of our offer and the great producers that we work with, but also to have a bit of fun with the idea of New Year’s resolutions and our willpower in being able to stick to them. Working with our nutritionist, we’ve sourced and developed some really tasty ‘detox’ options, so hopefully our customers will find it easier to resist that bacon sandwich or chocolate doughnut if they want to!”

Whether it’s for a take-away morning coffee or juice, a bacon roll, a hearty five-a-day salad or a great selection of craft beer, the Old Street Pop-Up is conveniently located right inside Old Street tube station.

The Old Street Pop-Up officially launched on 15th January 2015 and will run right through until 26th March 2015. The opening hours are 07:30 – 22:00, Monday to Sunday.

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