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Restaurant Fix

It’s time to fix up look sharp (sorry, we couldn’t resist) because there’s a new restaurant in town that you NEED to know about.

Restaurant Fix has taken over the old Kino space with a brand new concept – fine dining with a relaxed and homely environment. If this is going to work anywhere, it’s Hackney.

In the background they play the kind of music you’d play yourself whilst cooking, the table isn’t set, and even if it was the cutlery doesn’t match anyway.

But don’t let this fool you.

We were lucky enough to try the Full Fix which is priced at £55 for a whopping 8 courses.

Not only were these courses delicious, they were also inventive and brave.

Chef James is a delight and brings out each dish himself, before talking you through how it was created and what to expect from it. It’s a lovely touch.

James, window

Some of the highlights for us included;

Courgettes, battered and served alongside a smoked milk dip.

Heritage carrots, coffee, curd, orange – beautifully presented, so sweet, so so so delicious – trust us when we say you can’t miss it.

Harrietsham leeks, savoury granola, Cornish mussels – served out of their shells, we loved the play on texture.

Ruby red short rib of beef, onions, pecans – a cliché to say but this really did fall apart under our fork.

Kent cherries, pimms, cucumber sorbet, white chocolate – probably the most unusual dish on the menu. I can only describe this as a pimped up palette cleanser. The cucumber sorbet was a shock to the system at first, but the white chocolate sweetened the deal while the cherries woke you up again. However unusual, it just worked!

Salted caramel doughnuts, cream cheese shake – a signature dish. We loved how these were presented. Get your fork, stick it in a sugary doughnut, dunk them in the salted caramel and take a slurp of that cream cheese shake. Bliss.


Dishes build and while you leave feeling full, it manages not to be overkill at the same time.

If you’re feeling less flush you can opt for the £35 Fix Up menu, which is still a decent 5 courses.

While it’s clear Restaurant Fix is still finding their feet (as you’d expect from such a new venture) it’s the rough around the edges vibe that we find so endearing – just like our beloved Hackney. The food is simply so good that everything else is forgotten.


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