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Replenish at Andina

Andina, Shoreditch, have joined forces with one of the UK’s leading health and fitness specialists Harry Jameson to present the Replenish Menu; designed to provide some much needed respite after the indulgent festive season.

Available until the end of March, the menu includes a new selection of dishes created to nourish the body pre- or post-workout and help with that New Year health kick.

The Replenish Menu enables diners to easily identify which dishes are best for them either pre- or post-exercise. Harry recommends that before any workout, we should eat food high in whole grains and good fats to fuel energy; whilst after exercise we should focus more on foods that are rich in proteins and antioxidants that aid muscle growth and repair, and minimises cell damage. However, whether exercising or not, we should all aim to eat foods that are packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, many of which can be found in the superfood ingredients used at Andina.


For those who like a morning workout, the menu offers a range of energising breakfast and brunch options such as Andina’s chia seed pudding, ‘Pudding de Doña Pepa’ (£5), with coconut and hazelnut milk and a sprinkling of fresh blueberries or the ‘Claras Claritas’ (£5), a light egg white omelette with sweet potato, amarillo chilli and mozzarella. After a workout, diners can refuel with nourishing dishes including the ‘Peruanazo’ (£8), a traditional Peruvian tacu-tacu butterbean pancake topped with a poached egg, sautéed vegetables and lean bacon, or ‘Steak, eggs & avocado’ (£8), a lean, grilled fillet steak with sweet potato, a poached egg and avocado. These can be enjoyed alongside Andina’s superfood smoothies and juices made fresh onsite and antioxidant-rich, available with an extra shot of whey protein (£1), if desired.

The Replenish Menu also has plenty of tasty lunch and dinner options, including delicate ceviche dishes such as ‘Ceviche de Palmitos’ (£7), a mix of palm hearts, quinoa and avocado; hearty street-food inspired dishes including ‘Pepian’ (£8), panca chilli-marinated chicken with quinoa, carob, antioxidant filled pecans and coriander sauce; and ‘Sudado de pescado’ (£12), a spicy fish broth, tomato, seaweed and cassava root – chosen because of their high levels of protein and complex vitamin B. To finish, dessert need not be a sin with ‘Huayno de Chocolate’, a chocolate and avocado mousse with tamarillo fruit sauce, purple corn crumble and chancaca syrup (£5.50).


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