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Refugee Week at Second Home

Second Home

Acclaimed Syrian chef Imad Alarnab will be taking over the Holland Park kitchen as part of Second Home’s week of events to honour Refugee Week 2018 – in partnership with the charity Help Refugees, who are based at Second Home in Spitalfields. 

Imad was forced to flee Syria during the war, leaving behind his family and 3 successful restaurants in Aleppo – and over the past few months Second Home has been hosting a series of events to help Imad fulfil his entrepreneurial dream of starting a new permanent restaurant in London.

The beautiful courtyard café will host Imad from Monday 18 June – Friday 22 June, where there will be a different Syrian specialties served every lunchtime between 12-3pm. Expect delicious traditional dishes such as lamb kebabs and veg packed salads as well as pastries and juices throughout the morning.

The Menu


Kabab Hindi (gf) [Arabic for lamb kebab]


Bamieh with rice [Middle Eastern Okra Stew) served with Zaater salad and Baba ghanoush (vegan)


Spiced chicken with Bulger Wheat


Artichoke with rice (vegan) served with Fattoush salad and Muhammara

Fattoush is a Levantine bread salad made from toasted or fried pieces of Arabic flat bread combined with mixed greens and other vegetables, such as radishes and tomatoes. This dish will be served with Muhammara (a red pepper dip).


Lamb sausage cooked with tomato sauce


Tabakh roho  (Vegan) 

A popular recipe from the Arabic cuisine – aubergine curry with chickpeas. Served with rocket salad and smoked dip


Chicken Makmur (minced chicken balls in an almond and cashew sauce)


Khudar mushakala. (Vegan) served with potato salad and garlic cream


Falafel bar, which will also include traditional deserts such as baklava and Ma’amoul, an ancient Arab dessert filled pastry made with dates, pistachios or nuts such as walnuts and figs.


All lunches will cost £8, with juice just £1 and 2 pieces of baklava or Maamul £1


This is part of Second Home’s collaboration with Help Refugees over Refugee Week 2018 – a week of events celebrating creative and positive responses to the issues surrounding mass migration in collaboration with Help Refugees.

You’ll find more details about our programme of activities here…

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