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Pusser’s Rum at Merchant House

“Evening ladies, can I offer you a pickled onion or an oyster to go with your rum?”….er…you what?! “Trust us, it works!”

And that is how our evening started at Merchant House near St Pauls! And, surprisingly enough, we couldn’t get enough pickles or oysters with each of the cocktails presented to us by Pusser’s Rum.

Throughout the evening, we learnt about why Pusser’s Rum was the chosen tipple for the Royal Navy. At 54% it was easy to understand why there were more alcohol-related deaths on the ships than there were from actual combat!

Pusser's Rum Gunpowder Proof

“A Grog for Nelson” was most definitely our favourite cocktail of the night, using Pusser’s “Gunpowder Proof” Rum, mixed with hazelnut, vanilla and lime flavours.

We then sampled it straight from the barrel (bottle!) which was paired with dark chocolate, further enhancing the caramel notes.

Towards the end of the Pickle Night Celebrations, the room was swaying so much, it was like we were on board the ships. Thanks go to the Merchant House team for educating us, and sending us home with a warm fire in our bellies!


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