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Prosecco House

Prosecco House

Londoners bloody LOVE prosecco. They literally can’t get enough of it. Sales are constantly on the rise, with us drinking it from brunch to the early hours (if we last that long).

So quite frankly it was only a matter of time before someone opened a bar dedicated to the stuff. One looking over Tower Bridge for extra wow factor – no less.

Introducing – Prosecco House! Woohoo – call the girls and get your glad rags on – it’s FriYay everyday here!

We think it’s a bloody great marketing idea. If we were writing about ‘Champagne House’ right now, the majority of those reading this would file it under ‘that’s nice, maybe for a special occasion’ and forgot all about it. But Prosecco offers an inclusivity that Champagne simply can’t compete with. We can always ALWAYS justify a bottle of Italian fizz but mention the C word and we start to back away. We guess that’s because on the whole Prosecco is presented to us as the cheaper option – and whilst that’s often the case, it’s not the whole story. Prosecco House stock over 20 different types, with prices spanning a broad spectrum – glasses start at £7.50 and bottles start at £38. On top of that there are Magnums available and Jeroboams (twice the size of a magnum) – we can see the after work crew going gaga for it.

Prosecco House

If this makes us sound cynical – we’re not! We love a good glass of Prosecco, however it’s not always easy to get a GOOD glass. At Prosecco House, you’re not going to have that problem. There’s sweet stuff if that’s your bag or extra brut if it’s not. There’s roses, frizzantes and prosecco-based cocktails – Aperol anyone? Maybe not yet, but come the summer you’ll be leaving work early to bag a space on the terrace.

Prosecco HouseOwner Kristina Issa has worked directly with family owned vineyards in Veneto (the home of Prosecco) to hand pick exclusive bottles that aren’t stocked anywhere else in London. Why SHOULD Italians have all the fun?


Sustenance is typical Italian cicchetti – think salami, prosciutto, gorgonzola and pickled artichoke and they’ll be open from 11am to serve coffee (yeah right, we’ll have bubbles – thanks).

It’s just round the corner from the Ivy Brasserie and The Bridge Theatre, sitting within Berkeley Homes’ One Tower Bridge development. We’re sure it will be a rip-roaring success.

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