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Pretox with La Belle Assiette

It’s the season for piling on the pounds and giving in to every temptation that comes your way BUT it doesn’t have to be that way!!

On Saturday 10th December, the doors of the beautiful AVEQIA studios will open to offer Londoners a welcome escape from the Christmas madness. Relax, eat, indulge (without the guilt) in a 3 course meal with skinny Champagne, and learn how to be healthier and happier this Christmas.

A study has found that the average Briton gains 2.7kg over the Christmas period (hmmm, at least we reckon!) So instead of (or maybe as well as – we’ll see how we go!) we’ll be avoiding stressmass, bloating and sluggishness by starting with a pretox with La Belle Assiette.


Chef and Nutritionist Holly Sugars says: “The benefits of a pretox are huge. You’ll have more energy, your skin will be healthier, digestion will improve, you’re likely to lose weight and your risk of developing health issues will significantly reduce. Overall a much happier and healthier you….”.

At the event you’ll be welcomed with slippers and invigorating fresh juices. Then enjoy recipe demonstrations and an inner health workshop so that you can keep the pretox going. Next you’ll indulge in a three course meal by La Belle Assiette’s top chefs who specialise in health and nutrition served with skinny prosecco, because every event needs some bubbles! You’ll leave with a personalised plan, a goodybag and feeling fantastic!


Tickets can be bought here for £30: LINK

If you’re not able to make it to the event, you can book your own pretox at home. One of La Belle Assiette’s chefs will come to your house, prepare the meal, serve and clean up before leaving. These menus have been designed to nourish and indulge you without the guilt. labelleassiette.co.uk/collection/pretox

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