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Pizza Union Dalston

Pizza Union Dalston

Pizza Union has arrived in Dalston! Loved all over town for their super speedy thin and crispy pizzas, Dalston is the fourth restaurant from Pizza Union, joining Aldgate, Kings Cross and Spitalfields.

Just like the other locations, Pizza Union is loud, proud and the perfect pit stop before, during or after a night out.

You’ll start by joining the back of the queue, canteen style and placing your order. Maybe you’ll get inspiration from the open kitchen or maybe you’ve already got a favourite. We like the Formaggi (all the cheese please!) and the Calabria with heart stopping spicy nduja and cooling mascarpone. A winning combination.

Pizza Union Dalston

They are cheap as CHIPS! Starting out at a bargainous £3.95 – it’s literally more expensive to go home and cook for yourself. So go wild with the extra toppings and order a cheeky garlic mayo dip for your crusts. Maybe even a side salad if you’re feeling virtuous. You’ve earned it. The only thing to wash it all down is a frozen margarita. Job done.

Then you’ll nab yourself a seat at one of the big communal tables – great for a group or if you’re in the mood for making friends. All the while you’ll be keeping a beady eye on the buzzer which will alert you that it’s time to collect your hot pizza price. Once you’ve smashed that, you’ll complete the steps above, this time ordering their one and only signature dessert – the warm dough ring smothered in Nutella and mascarpone. Oh yes my friends.

If you can’t be bothered to leave your flat, they’ll come to you.

A great value spot to have up your sleeve. Your friends will undoubtedly thank you.

Pizza Union Dalston is open all day (11am – midnight), seven days a week.



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