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Pastaio ‘All In’ menu


We love a Sunday roast as much as the next guy, however Stevie Parle’s popular Soho pasta joint, Pastaio have declared Sunday’s are pasta day, with the launch of their new ‘All In’ menu.

Priced at £22 per person for a min of two people, you’ll receive half portions of all EIGHT of their pastas. It’s the perfect option for those that suffer from FOMO – i.e US!

Available on Sundays at the original Ganton Street (soon to be followed by Market Hall West End and Westfield, London), this pasta menu is aimed at the hungry.

The restaurant is a bright buzzy place with a quick turnover – perfect for a post or pre-shopping pitstop if you’re in the area (it’s just off Carnaby Street). Some tables are separate but more still are shared and the back wall features a huge brightly coloured mural.

Kicking off with an obligatory prosecco slushie, despite knowing how much food was to come, we still couldn’t resist sharing the cheeky fried mozzarella, ‘nduja & honey sandwich to start. Made with sourdough, it’s a full-size toastie (we were naively expecting a dainty starter portion!).

All the pasta is made fresh on-site, with the short and long varieties using a blend of organic Italian semolina and ancient British grains, whilst the stuffed pasta is handmade from the best ’00 flour and eggs from Rodley Court in Kent.

Sadly tables aren’t big enough for all eight plates at once so you’ll receive four at a time. We began with rigatoni in a simple tomato sauce with a shaving of parmesan – a very kid-friendly option if your dining with little ones. Creamy carbonara bucatini (the thick spaghetti with the hole in the middle) arrived with big chunks of pork cheek and spaghetti was served with a chilli & tomato sauce with big shell-on red prawns. However, the star of the show for us was the slow-cooked sausage sauce served with teeny tiny malloreddus (a bit like baby gnocchi).

Up next bright green spinach with breadcrumbs, flecks of crushed chilli and salty agretti – a slightly bitter Italian green, similar to spinach. Our favourite this time was the spinach and squash stuffed ravioli with a creamy buttery sauce with crispy fried sage. Wild mushrooms and garlic topped tagliatelle and completing this round – linguine was paired with clams, capers and chilli.

If you still have space for dessert after that – the tiramisu was huge, we’d recommend sharing alongside an espresso before facing the crowds outside.

The new ‘All-In’ Pastaio menu will be available on Sundays for twos or fours (alongside the a la carte menu).


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