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Palm Vaults

You’ve seen the pink palace all over Instagram – but is Palm Vaults more style over substance? We have breakfast and find out….

It’s easy to see why there’s a queue when we arrive. In this experience rich generation that we live in, a snap of Palm Vault’s pastel pink interior, punctuated with hanging foliage is worth its weight in Insta-gold.

But don’t expect staff to take as much interest in you as you are in them. Forget table service, order at the bar from their menu on the wall.  Choose from pimped up avocado on toast, toasties, rainbow lattes, superfood smoothies or one of the many incredible looking cakes on the counter.


The portions are pretty decent and we liked the addition of edible flowers on EVERYTHING. Yep, you’ll even find them floating about in your smoothie. The smoothies were our favourite bit actually, really delicious with unusual ingredients that you probably won’t be in the habit of whizzing up in your nutribullet yourself.

Overall we enjoyed our visit, but really once you’ve been once, there’s little reason to return.


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