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Yes, you will have to queue, yes it is worth it.

As you’d expect from the owners of sexy, romantic Trullo (Highbury & Islington) – Padella hits the spot but in a more low key, fast paced buzzy environment.

Service is friendly and you don’t feel rushed, despite the ever growing queue outside the glass fronted door. If you want to be in the action grab a table upstairs or for something a little quieter, downstairs is more for you.

The menu is small but oh so perfectly formed. To start we recommend a good ol’ Burrata (an obligatory feature on EVERY menu it seems) with sourdough bread and fantastic Puglian olive oil.

The pasta is so affordable you question the portion size – take the now infamous Pici cacio e pepe – chewy, wriggly worms coated in cheese & cracked black pepper – so simple but utterly delightful. Priced at just £6.50 we were left content but not stuffed – something we’ve almost forgotten how to do with pasta.

Pappardelle with 8-hour Dexter beef shin ragu was comfort food at its best. It tasted of years of confident Italian cooking, it’s the sort of dish you’d try to recreate at home but without the depth or finesse – leave it to them. Tagliatelle with nduja and parsley was less successful with the spicy sausage slightly overpowering the delicate pasta after a few mouthfuls.

Desserts are simple, a slice of this or that. We adored the cherry pie & the chocolate tart – both served with crème fraiche so to keep things fresh.

There are a good selection of wines on tap and a handful of Italian cocktails – grab a Negroni with your homies.


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