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What’s your favourite thing about Spring? Daffodils? Lambs frolicking in the fields? Well ours is the new Spring brunch menu from Pachamama.

Let’s just get this out of the way – we loved EVERYTHING about Pachamama. We were very hungover, granted, but so it turned out, was our waiter. It’s this unpretentiousness, along with the incredible selection of new dishes that made us never want to leave.

We were genuinely sitting there, having finished our meal, questioning if they’d recognise us if we came back with comedy moustache and glasses, to eat it all again.

SO, why so good? Well, we are firm believers in hair of the dog so turned to the cocktail menu to revive us. Split into Papa’s & Mama’s cocktails (we aren’t sure what that means!) we loved Mama’s Mirafores! A long drink, combining Pisco (what else?), Mandarine Napoleon, strawberries, lychee, lime orange blossom, bitters and topped with violet foam, it’s aptly named after their favourite area in Lima to sip cocktails by the beach.

You absolutely must start with some snacks! Smoked cheddar tequeños (essentially deep fried cheese sticks) are served with a heavenly chilli sauce. It’s punchy, but oh so smooth. And you can’t come to Pachamama without ordering a plate of ceviche, choose from sea bass, salmon or sea bream – all of which is given a twist.


Now it gets really hard because you WILL want to order everything on the menu. We got round this problem by demolishing a savoury round, followed by a cheeky sweet round. Hurrah!

Plates are a decent size but they arrive as and when they are ready so are perfect to share. The suckling lamb leg is lovingly pulled from the bone and delicately flavoured with subtle spices, topped with crispy onion and mint crème fraiche and coriander crumbs.

Jerk chicken is served with yet more dreamy hot/smoky/sweet sauce which had a habit of overpowering the delicate lamb, so perhaps best to save till last! If you’re feeling super virtuous, hot smoked salmon is served as a warming bowl with vibrantly green wild garlic, roasted barley and a poached egg.

We do recommend some sides if you want to up your veg intake!


Brunch waffles are at the heart of the new menu. Freshly made to order, choose from quinoa (best with sweet toppings) or sweet potato (for savoury). This was our bonus sweet round so quinoa waffles were topped with lashings of Peruvian dark chocolate, toasted quinoa ice-cream and cacao crumb. That almost sounds healthy, right?


Throughout the meal we were blown away by the depth of flavour and the interesting combos. Every mouthful just zinged and made you realise how bland everything you’d ever eaten up to this point in your life was lacking.

Brunch set menus are available from £19/£24 or £33 depending how greedy you are feeling with the option of adding unlimited Seasonal Bellini’s for an extra 20 quid.


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