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It’s Sunday Roast season folks and we kicked things off with a fab lunch at Oslo!

Wrapping up in our new woolly coat, kicking leaves out of the way, we popped over to Hackney’s favourite music venue, Oslo, for our first Sunday Roast of the season. We’ve been to Oslo many times before but never for the food. You’re more likely to see us there late night, with a drink in hand, so we weren’t too sure what to expect (after all, this isn’t a traditional pub). However, we were totally won over by the generous portions and quality ingredients.

It’s not a huge Sunday menu (choose from either Chicken or Beef) but it’s worth pondering your options, while you start with super garlicy, super smokey Baba Ganoush, served with shards of toasted pitta, sprinkled with sea salt.


Whichever you choose, both will come with ALL the trimmings and are crowned with a glorious Yorkshire pudding crown. The slices of beef are served perfectly rare and you’ll get an entire half chicken if that’s more your style. Either way, you won’t be going hungry with roasted parsnips, goose-fat potatoes, top-on carrots, ribbons of kale and a whole pot, of your very own (!!) delicious gravy. Priced at £15/£14 respectively this may be our new go-to local for a good roasting.

With the roast served from 12pm and live acoustic blues from 6pm, Oslo is perfect for a laid-back Sunday.


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